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Panasonic Wireless Door Camera | VL-SDM200BX

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Features :

Easy installation on doors
Monitoring outside
Zooming in/out and panning/tilting
Simple DIY installation - just hang wireless camera over door top & the wireless monitor will show you the condition outside
2-way conversation with visitor
Wireless monitor - carrying around conveniently
No wiring needed - DECT frequencies connecting camera & monitor in approx. 70 m without interference
120x wide view angle. Digital zoom and zoom position adjustment supported
2.2" colour TFT LCD
Up to 10 pictures can be captured while viewing
Camera minimum illuminance at 3 lx that possible to view at night
Drizzle-resistant camera equivalent to IPx3 standard
Optional wireless monitor up to 4 (per camera)
* When used 5 times a day (displaying images for about 20 seconds each time) at a temperature of 20°C. Under the condition of using with Panasonic alkaline batteries
** Excluding protruding sections

*** At 20 °C temperature, with a full charged battery


Consists of:

Wireless Monitor VL-DM200BX x 1
Base Unit VL-MDM200BX x 1
Wireless Camera VL-CM851BX x 1

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