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Repair FAQs

About Us

1. Why Should I Get My Phone Fixed By You?

Best Mobile Limited assures you of quality and efficient device repairs because we have put the following measures in place:

1. Well trained and experienced Geek Squad.

2. Reduced repair timelines.

3. Unequalled customer service.

2. Do I Need To Have Bought My Mobile Phone From Best Mobile Store?

No, you don't have to have purchased your mobile phone from us. We fix most makes and models of phones, on all networks, even if they weren't bought from Best Mobile Stores.

3. What Types Of SmartPhones Do You Repair?

We can carry out all types of repairs including but not limited to:

1. Warranty defects affecting the handsets performance.

2. Cracked screens.

3. Broken casings.

4. Software fixes and upgrades.

5. Battery replacements.

6. Non-working buttons.

7. Broken inputs etc.

4. How Much Do Repairs Cost?

You can bring your mobile phone in and pay a non-refundable minimal diagnosis fee, to obtain an assessment of the device fault and hence the full costing of the repairs.

5. How Long Is The Repair Process?

The duration of the repair process is dependent on the diagnosed fault. In most cases, repairs are done while you wait.

6. When Will My Repair Take Longer Usual?

While we can carry out most repairs within our specified timescales, sometimes we are unable to do so. Instances when this can happen include:

1. If the part we require is not in stock and/or we are unable to source the part from the manufacturer quickly.

2. If we need to send your product back to the manufacturer for whatever reason it can take up to one or two weeks until it's ready to collect. We aren't responsible for the time the manufacturer takes to repair a product although we will be progressing this on your behalf.

6. What Does The Repair Process Look Like?

Find out more on repairs process.

1. Who Is The Geek Squad?

Geek Squad is our team of professionally trained and highly experienced device engineers and technicians.